Mummies for Mouths

Once again, I’m excited that FromMaddiesKitchen is supporting Mummies for Mouths! If you donate $125 you receive either a 9” focaccia, a dozen (regular size!) scones or muffins (your choice)!

If you have already donated $125 or more – your name is on a list – and we will continue to communicate with her and connect any of you high-roller donors!

Heather and Jude Adler say, “Maddie’s yummies are lights-out amazing – just like her!”

I’m thrilled to support this local Vienna charity, and thank everyone, for helping make Mummies For Mouths – Season 3 a success. All donations are given to local pantries to assist people living with food insecurity.

Please visit Mummies’ Google site to request mummies available for pick-up on the Adler’s front porch sarcophagus almost instantly! 


Nomini Boards by Kerry McKeown Digges
Focaccia bread on Nomini Boards by Kerry McKeown Digges

Hi again! I HAD to do a separate post about these pictures – yes, the bread is lovely and yummy – but the BOARD – OMG, have you ever seen such a perfect focaccia board. This is made by Kerry McKeown Digges – she is a wood worker and makes gorgeous boards. You can see her on FB Nomini Boards or Kerry McKeown Digges and on Instagram @Nomini_boards – you must check it out!

For those who have ordered my bread and are always wondering easiest way to cut it up – check out how we do it – this way, if you only eat half (try, haha) you can slice up half and save half! Enjoy!!

Now go order some bread and a new board! Have a great week!

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