Baking this week – and plants from garden!!

Good morning,  friends, new and old (one year officially baking- hehe) clients and all yummy lovers!

What a fabulous weekend and I spent it in the garden (pics 😊).  After two days of planting and arranging, digging, and deciding, yesterday at about 4:30-5:30 the rain started and I said – wow, life is good, the garden was thirsty and mother nature took care of all the plants!  Speaking of which – I have TONS of tomato and other plants available – please email me and let me know if you want to come by and pick some up!  I just can’t stand the idea of these beautiful plants I grew from seed not going into a nurtured garden!  Please, please!!

My orders for this week are filling up – I can handle about 3-4 more cakes.  Scones, muffins, and bread available but please get your orders in – I am only baking Wednesday and Thursday – MAYBE Friday morning, but that is it!

If you haven’t tried my carrot cake, fabulous (and gluten free); cheesecakes a huge hit with berries on top (and this week two went out with a couple of chocolate covered strawberries (mastered!).  I am now doing chocolate chip cookie cakes with some SIMPLE decorations (I am not a fancy decorator) BUT they are so delicious – $25!  Teens/kids favorites apparently!  I’ve included a picture (not that the decorations are very good) but just so you can see it!

So far, I am making lemon ginger scones, date scones and apple cinnamon crunch muffins  β€“ if you want to add onto these orders, just let me know (no minimum on these 3 items as they are already ordered!).  Strawberry and pineapple upside down cakes available! 

Apple cakes always available and a Mom’s favorite!

For those who are ordering or considering cheesecakes – order this month – cheesecake prices need to go up from $30 to $35 starting June 1!  I under priced these and they are a deal for $30 this month (and even $35 as they serve 12 easily).  See pic!

So excited to bake for as many of you as I can and will be back in garden this week – what do I love more – baking or gardening – a good questions 😊    Enjoy your week, even though rain is coming tomorrow, beautiful weather ahead – time to get cleaning outside!!

PLEASE HAVE YOUR ORDERS IN BY TUESDAY, TOMORROW AT 4:00!!  Thank you all for your orders, and all the nice things you say about my baking – I LOVE BAKING FOR YOU!



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Happy Gardening Day
Garden Planting
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
Cheesecake with Chocolate Strawberries